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Customers are always searching for what they need. You're leaving money on the table because your online presence isn't optimized for customers to find you. The good news? We take this off your hands.

You want to build a great business. We want to help you reach more customers.


Getting more customers online starts here

We take managing your online presence off your hands, so you can stay focused on doing what you love. Improve your visibility to customers searching online for what you have to offer, and showcase your brand to your community. A well maintained online presence works around the clock for you, so you can keep growing your brand even in your sleep.

You probably didn't start your business to learn digital marketing and SEO

But you still need proven expertise and processes to connect you with customers. Hiring someone to handle this is a major decision. We built our company to offer the value of a dedicated marketing team at a price that works for you, no matter the size or industry. We work in the background while you focus on doing what you love.

Value, not more invoices

Too many new "marketing agencies" are popping up, and they are all built around the getting you to spend more and more money. You've seen them, and probably have been pitched by one too many. They claim they can supercharge this, accelerate that – once you start with them, there is always some additional package they are trying to sell you on before you see any results. Truth is, digital marketing businesses are a trend nowadays since the barrier of entry has been substantially lowered for starting an online business. In contrast, we only offer a single price and focus on getting you in front of more customers by helping you not only appear more prominently in search, but also look great and communicate credibility. When you get started, we focus on getting you results rather than getting you to spend more money.

Happy customers > hostages

We’re not here to lock you in, we’re here to help you out. You can cancel at any time, there's no contract. Even if you choose to leave VRTX after you’ve paid for just one year or one month, we’re always and forever on your side. We know what it's like to build a business from the ground up. You need someone in your corner rather than your pocket. We hope you’ll want to keep using VRTX, but even if you don’t, we’re always here to help. Above all, we believe former customers deserve the same respect as current customers.

We're in this for the long haul

We've been doing this for close to a decade now. We got started with the sole purpose of taking what we learned works extraordinary well through years of trial and error with our own businesses (and many others), and making it accessible to businesses of all sizes as well as figuring out how to effectively deliver it at scale. We continually research what works, and apply the new knowledge to all the businesses who's online presence we manage. We've never relied of locking customers in a contract to stay in business, and we support several full time employees working to help improve your business year round. The only way we will succeed is by helping you succeed first. That says something. We know you didn't start your business with an end date in mind and we didn't either.

Always at your service

Our outstanding team is always here for you, and we are only a message or phone call away. We don't have an automated system that throws you through a loop every time you want to talk to us. In fact, many customers that have been with us for awhile have a dedicated point of contact they can just send a text or email to, and get a prompt response. We work with a lot of people, but we never grow too fast to the point we lose the personal touch to the service we provide. It's a sacrifice we aren't willing to make.

Get started in seconds

Getting started takes about sixty seconds. We'll ask you a few quick questions right after you create your account, and our analyst team will begin reviewing your information, and perform the appropriate research and preparation needed to begin working on your online presence. Moving forward, it is completely hands-free. From start to finish in ten minutes or less, we can be on our way to perfecting your brand’s presence online. Focus on doing what you love, knowing we are working around the clock to get you in front of more customers.

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VRTX has allowed me to get on all listings I had not known about before. This helps the legitimacy of my company. Also, my SEO is organically growing now and I am more visible on Google.

Brandyn CoxOwner, BMC Accounting LLC

As a small business it was a little scary to think about paying to have for marketing help. I can tell you it was such a good decision and has helped our small business in many ways! We get a lot of customers coming to us from Google searches which was not happening before. Patrick @ VRTX also went out of his way to personally help our business with our google listing. You will not be disappointed!!

Brittney HowardOwner, Dawg Boss

Adding VRTX to my business made a huge difference from the start. We see a majority of our new patients put Google down as a referral source, and we're seeing more appointments scheduled from the website. We rarely see a slow day now!

Dr. Ellie HethcoxFounder, RxBodyFx

I wrote this out as heartfelt testimony about Patrick and VRTX Agency. Very glad to know he is a veteran and always do my best to help the veteran community out. Since September when I was recommended by friend in the same CBD business to help my Google search to drive customers to my specific location. Because I'm surrounded my many competitor businesses after about the third month I noticed I was at the top of the search list. My reviews improved and canna curious people started coming more and more. I keep a log of how people are driven to my business every week. He knows what he is doing. I've sent a handful of people into this industry over because I have had success. I will continue to have him help my business grow from years to come. He is a master at his craft.

Vincent GabrielOwner, CBD American Shaman of San Antonio

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